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INAX is a Japanese brand that manufactures innovative sanitaryware and artistic ceramic tiles. The history of INAX can be traced back over 100 years when our forefathers worked on producing the tiles for the second main building of the Imperial Hotel designed by the architect Frank Lloyd Wright. By determining the properties of clay and the impact of fire, through numerous trials, they succeeded in the large-scale production of the decorative tiles, which became the foundation of INAX. Since then, we have continuously pursued to deliver products for new and better living, engaging in challenging innovations including the first made-in-Japan shower toilet, self-powered hands-free faucet, and interior tiles that freshen the air in the room. Meanwhile, INAX has also cultivated the skills to produce tiles that offer sophisticated expressions through delicate coloring and texture inspired by Japanese tradition, culture, and the seasonal changes of nature, as well as build on its expertise in designing the overall space using tiles and pursue product designs that fit well with the surrounding architecture.

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