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Gaggenau’s company foundation dates back to as far as 1683. It is a brand with a solid history, characterized by a profound respect for tradition, but restless in its evolution. Over the years the brand’s products have been bestowed with numerous awards and acknowledgments, which have contributed to establishing new standards within the kitchen domain and has brought the kitchen for domestic use closer to the professional kitchen. 

The quality of Gaggenau products can be summed up in its four founding values: authenticity, professionalism, essential design and functionality. Gaggenau appliances, from ovens to cooktops are authentic and are made from using high quality and raw materials, such as stainless steel, aluminium and glass. The kitchen is one of the most important areas of a house and where we spend the most time in. This is why Gaggenau decides to furnish it with rigor, simplicity and a linear and pure design. The typical Gaggenau blue enamel found in its oven interiors has something of an ancient charm, almost a byword of the company; although it is renowned everywhere, it is barely known that the history of this enamel truly finds its roots back in the past. It dates back to the time when Gaggenau produced enamelled advertising signs, which enabled the company to develop this special and unique competence. The enamel composition, made of glass particles, oxides and chemical additives which are grounded and mixed is still to this day kept secret.

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