Explore, Design and Create

At Realm, we combine our design expertise with a systematic approach to meticulously deliver every new project. We draw together all the elements of a successful design project in one seamless workflow.

Needs analysis

At our design studio, we will sit down with you and clearly identify your needs in terms of both function and style. By gaining a thorough understanding of how you will use a room or a sequence of spaces, we can design and innovate with only your needs in mind. And during this consultation phase, we get a feel for your own personal style preferences. You’ll find that this dialogue can lead to new ways of thinking.

Research Phase

Now that we understand what you need, it’s over to us to begin our extensive research and challenge your space to ensure it works harder for you in terms of functionality. This phase is not just about initial drafting and sketching, it is also about sourcing the best materials, products and specialists. We can keep you informed throughout and our approachable nature means we are always open to new ideas and suggestions.

Value appraisal

We live in the real world and understand that budget plays a major role in every interiors project. This part of the process is about developing accurate costings where possible and we strive to achieve a successful project aesthetic in line with your budget. A clear understanding of the budget also enables us to suggest alternatives and possibly re-engineer solutions in some scenarios.


Once our plans have been finalised, we work successfully alongside architects, builders, engineers, cabinetmakers and more, ensuring a seamless construction and cohesive outcome for your project. At this point, the importance of the research phase is highlighted. The quality of light, choice of materials, use of colour, selection of furnishings and works-of- art are all co-ordinated as part of the overall scheme.

Handover and review

Now that your interiors project has been completed and you may already be enjoying your new living space, it’s time for the final handover. From offering advice on styling and finishes to tips on storage and appliance operations, we’ll work with you to close out the project to the highest standards.. We believe your new space should reflect your individuality and we want to hear your feedback and ensure our design has met your expectations.

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